Surely there is more to life than this!

Have you ever felt that there just HAD to be more to life than you have experienced so-far? Has success left you feeling empty? Or has constant failure resulted in you doubting that life is worth living? Or is it just so humdrum that you wonder why you bother?

Many, perhaps all people, feel like this some time in their life. Surely there has to be more than this – a meaning, a purpose?

The good news is, YES, THERE IS!

None of us are here by accident. Life is not a conspiracy of frustration. Nor is it an eternal cycle of trying to either prove oneself worthy of better things, nor of trying to escape from existence itself.

Many religions have a hint of the truth, and try to find ways to live meaningfully with just that glimmer of understanding. But if religion teaches just one thing, it must be that humans excell at taking a small clue about truth and building upon it such a towering edifice of nonsense, that eventually the truth becomes almost impossible to find.

And what is that hint of truth? It is the understanding that at the very core of the nature of God is a relationship of infinite love between Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The next key is that because of this very nature, any of God’s dealings with humanity must be for the purpose of drawing us also into that divine relationship of love.

The Meaning of Life:

What is the ‘real stuff’ of life? Home, work, recreation, education, food, clothes, travel, government, possessions, wealth … the list could go on. Are these the real stuff of life? No, these are merely the superstructure for the true reality.

God, who is himself defined by an internal relationship among the members of the Trinity, loves and creates. That’s what he does. What does he create? What can he create, but more of what he himself is? He creates beings, personalities, who will be in relationship with him. They will also be in relationship with each other. He will love them, and they will love.

All the rest is the superstructure, the framework, into which this real stuff fits, and lives, and grows, and prospers. Intimate relationship is the true Reality!

So, the simple answer to the Why? of intimacy with God is, that as beings made in the image of God, intimacy is what we were made for. God, as a trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is always intimate. We were made for intimacy with them, as well as others made in their image.

So begins our course “Intimacy with God“.

Many teachers, prophets, preachers and gurus will tell you that there is a meaning to life. Just by checking some of the ads that Google syndicates on this website you will find an enormous variety of approaches suggested, some of which are good and helpful, many ridiculous, and some which are quite dangerous. Some teachers will even explain that the key is found in intimacy with God. But who tells you in practical ways how that can be achieved? Few indeed.

We ourselves spent the first half of our lives wishing someone would not just tell us where purpose and happiness could be found, but would take us by the hand and lead us into that experience. So now we want to try to do it for anyone else that is interested.

If you have checked out our Listening to God course, you will know that there are keys of knowledge and practical exercises to help anyone tune into the voice of God. Similarly, so too can anyone begin to move into closer intimacy with Jesus, experience the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, and know the infinite love of father God.

Select theĀ Teaching section in the menu and begin the journey with us.

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  1. hunegnaw says:

    iam an evangeliest it helps me to serve the Lord please send me about intmacy with God

  2. Elias Malele says:

    i am a prophet and i would like to be sent information both practical and theory about Intimacy with God in detail thank may God continue to reavel himself to you guys God Bless You.

  3. Daryl Pennington says:

    Hello everyone I have been battling lately as I received the holy ghost and speaking in tongues last January and still can’t seem to overcome smoking and cussing and even still want to gamble sometimes and although I pray daily my business is still struggling and it seems that although I have been blessed to get great deals that I can’t seem to get the oil and mineral leases sold that I just been commissioned to do here in the Bakken of ND even after going to all the large oil companies who have tracts in the area where they are and all requested documents in place and is so hard to watch others doing similar and prospering doing the same only on smaller deals. I have been going to prayer each night in our local church and believing hard and even feel God has spoke to me and said breakthrough is on way I can’t seem to wait as been so long of a struggle over 10 yrs. of trying to keep going. So please pray and let me know how to get past this.

    Thank You Daryl Pennington ND

  4. Andisiwe Tyuku says:

    I have been encouraged by the teachings on this site

  5. Peggy Bosh says:

    I am a new author and have just finished my book on Intimacy Please forward how I can be of help or information about how I would get my book in the hands of readers.
    All the Best
    Peggy Bosh

    • Peggy Bosh says:

      I have just finished a book on Intimacy with Christ and would like help on how to distribute or be included with in this site for distribution ideas// I am a new author and could use all the help I can get. Thank you

      Peggy Bosh

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