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If you wish to talk to us about exploring intimacy with God, this website, or if you are interested in having an Intimacy with God course or seminar in your area (we’re probably still talking about Victoria, Australia at present with our current commitments) then contact us at .


Associated Websites:

This Intimacy with God website is a member of the Roaring Mouse Network – a network of associated websites and blogs, largely devoted to learning and practicing various aspects of the true life of the Spirit. The present members of the network include:

Listening to God – For those who want together to learn more about hearing God’s voice, and how to recognise the voice of God among the many other voices claiming our attention.

Intimacy with God – Learning to listen to God at all times and live in close relationship with Him.

The Bible Files – all you ever wanted to know about the Bible.

A Book About – surely there must be a book about that!

The Burden Bearer – How to be a burden bearer and not get sick.

A Reasonable Mystic – How to be a Christian mystic and still keep your sanity.

Dark Night of the Soul – The way up when all is black. About burnout, depression, and when God seems absent.

Speak in Tongues – For those who want to learn how to speak in tongues, and how to use this gift in ministry.

Controversial Christian – A website for those who think Christians argue too much!

Williamstown Baptist Church, Beth Tephillah Ministry Centre and Simple Church Network – The title says it all – this is our church, our ministry, and our community.

Mal’s Meanderings – My Blog – Mal’s Meanderings. That is, Mal Dow thinking aloud in public – about Christian living and ministry, future, virtual and emerging church, theology and philosophy.

Williamstown Baptist Church & Beth Tephillah Ministry Centre News Blog – News and discussion from Beth Tephillah.

Hobsons Bay Churches – our local city church network.

God Loves Us – Australia, God Really Loves Us!

Godly Science – Exploring the relationship between science and Christian faith.

Hobsons Bay Churches Blog

The Lists Blog – the blog of lists.

Malcolm Dow Dot Com – the Roaring Mouse’s autobiographical blog.

New Spirit – I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you – Ezekiel 36:26.

Prayer Counselling – A definitive guide to prayer counselling, prayer ministry, Christian counselling, and healing ministry.

Healing Prayer Ministries Network – Our Prayer Ministries Network.

Awakening the West – Awakening the western church to what God is doing in the world now.

Roaring Mouse Counselling – Prayer counselling ministry.

Healing Prayer Ministry Search Engine

Christian Mysticism Search Engine

The Blog Works – How to build a successful blog.

Roaring Mouse Publishing – Internet, video, audio and print publishing ministry.

The Roaring Mouse – the hub of the Roaring Mouse Network.

The Long Tail of the Church – The future of the church is in much more of less.

The Church is Flat – Leading in a church where everyone is equal and Jesus is the only Head.

The Intercessor – Praying for Change.

Angels and Demons – The role of angels and demons in God’s creation and their relationship to humans.

Adventurous Spirit – To explore the depths of what God has created in His own image is the greatest adventure.

God Loves Us – God loves us, Australia! He really does!

Starfish Network – Developing a city-wide network of simple, organic, multiplying churches with apostolic-prophetic leadership.

Some of these websites and blogs have associated email discussion groups in which you may find more information about the topics dealt with in the sites, or help if you have questions or need contact information for teaching, counselling, or just to talk with someone.

We are planning to consolidate some of these discussion groups into one online forum – the Roaring Mouse Network Forum – with sections for different areas of interest. Watch here or at the Beth Tephillah or Roaring Mouse websites for news or further information about this forum.

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