Lesson 1 – The Why of Intimacy with God

Why is intimacy with God the most important fact of our existence in rhis universe?

The simple answer is, that as beings made in the image of God, intimacy is what we were made for. God, as a trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is always intimate. We were made for intimacy with them, as well as others made in their image.

In Lesson 1 we will learn what intimacy is, why we need it, and how the nature of God as a Trinity of Father Son and Holy Spirt, and ourselves as made in his image, makes intimate relationship essential to our well-being and the very reason for our existence. Find out how God restored broken intimacy, first through his covenant with Israel, and then through Christ and his church. Look at marriage as a model and worship as a path towards intimacy, and what we and God gain through it.

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One Response to Lesson 1 – The Why of Intimacy with God

  1. I recently gave my lige to God and I am looking for studies I can do would.
    I am interested in Gods LOve and anything that will help build my confidence as it is low due to lots of worldly stress.
    I dont have friends as I not long moved to Sydney.I go to Hillsong church but dont know many people so feel like outsider.
    Would appreciate any information you give me.
    Thanks Margaret Walker

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