Exercise 2 – Imagining

Realise that as well as being in your heart, Jesus’ ability to be everywhere at once also means he is in the room. In fact, he promised to be with you, not just in you. He is wherever you need him to be.

  1. When your turn comes to be asked, tell the group where in the room you think Jesus is. Try to see him there in your ‘mind’s eye’. Don’t worry if you think you are just imagining it – do it anyway as a game.
  2. When you can be on your own later at home and undisturbed by others, you may like to develop this.
  3. Sit comfortably with another chair opposite you. Imagine Jesus is sitting in that chair, visiting as a friend.
  4. Begin talking to him as a friend.
  5. Are you able to make eye contact and feel comfortable with him seeing you?
  6. Are your words ‘everyday’ or do you find you speak unnaturally?
  7. For those who have difficulty picturing Jesus with you, simply start a conversation without trying to ‘see’ him with you. Some will find it easier. Others may have to persevere before it becomes real.
  8. Relationships take time to build, so try this exercise daily until you are quite comfortable in his presence.
  9. Remember that Jesus is with you all the time, so you can begin speaking to him in the shower, in the car, walking along, waiting in queues, anywhere when there is time.
  10. Expect that he will also want to speak to you, so your conversation should allow for his reply to what you are saying. Take breath and allow him to get a word in.

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