Exercise 3 – Slow Reading 1

  1. Listen to the song “Nothing More Important” by Marilyn Baker, expecting the words to speak to your heart.
  2. A piece from “My dear child” will be read slowly. Listen to the words. Don’t analyse.
  3. Allow yourselves to hear with your heart as well as your ears.
  4. God is speaking to you. You are His Dear Child.
  5. When the piece is finished do not speak to anyone, just sit quietly, reflecting on what you heard.
  6. You may like to write down your thoughts, like you would when journalling.


Nothing More Important by Marilyn Baker

I speak to you child because I love you
You are very dear to me
I want to talk to you so much and let you feel my touch
On each part of your life and on all you do
But child, I cannot find you
I can’t reach you with the warmth of my love when you’re so busy
Rushing around and around with no time to spend with me

I urge you all the more because i love you
Don’t throw this treasure away
Learn to take time every day to listen and to pray
Let my word go deep into your heart
O child i long to find you
I long to reach you with the warmth of my love
Stop your running!

Nothing else is more important than knowing me
No one else can satisfy your heart nobody but me
Nothing else is more important than knowing me

Marilyn Baker’s testimony about writing this song

One day, while in the evening service at my church, I had an overwhelming impression that God wanted to tell us all that we were not giving Him the room to really work in our lives. We were so busy with meetings and over occupied with doing things for Him and yet we lack that deep intimate relationship with Him that He longs for us all to have. I said this in the service, but when I got home I felt the burden of the message still heavy upon me. When praying about what to do, God seemed to tell me to put this message in a song. It took me a few days to complete it but I had a deep sense of joy at the end of it.

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