Resource Sheet 13 – Do You Remember When You First Met Him?

Do You Remember When You First Met Him?

By Jill Austin,
Master Potter Ministries,, Email:

We can never hear enough about returning to our first love. We can never hear the voice of the Bridegroom enough and that He is coming. Do you remember when you first met Him? Do you remember that passion you had? Do you remember when He would barely whisper and you quickly responded?

Will you let Him ignite a burning passion of first love in the depths of your heart once again? Is there a void and emptiness in you, even though you know how to pray for people, even though you move in leadership, and know how to train and equip people? Will you come back to Him, to your first love? Is the fire inside of you like the Shekinah glory of the living God? Is there a resurrection anointing and the fire of Jesus touching you?

I feel the Lord is constantly saying, “I want you to want Me more. I want you to be more hungry for Me.” As soon as you start feeling that you have arrived, you start to lose your cutting edge. We somehow begin to be satisfied with the shallow end, and there is no longer those deep cries and remembrances of when the gold came, when the Shekinah glory, and heavy weight was in our meetings. We forget about the healed minds and healed bodies. Lord, help us not to forget Your Presence!

His heartbeat was not just to have His Shekinah glory in the Ark of the Covenant. You see, when He died on the Cross, it rent the veil so that we would be living temples with the Ark of the Covenant, the Shekinah glory, inside of us. We can take out Aaron’s rod and proclaim that yes, we are made out of wood, but because of the resurrection anointing, our lives have budded and flowered.

You may have gone from religion to religion, trying to fill that empty place inside of you, but now that you have the bread of life–the Word of God with fire and revelation on it, you are full. The Lord is asking if you remember WHO He is.

There have been meetings when the heavy weight of the Lord was there and eyes would be opened and people would begin to see in the eternal realm and weep as they saw souls literally going to hell. They would see Jesus walking as a living fire in a room touching people.

All I know is that when we get touched by the Lord, when we get glimpses of eternity, it ruins us for life. There is that cry that says, “We have to have more of Him!”

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